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Latin America

Global Fund Guatemala

The platform for the Global Fund in Guatemala. Hivos was designated to manage the funds in Guatemala through which subsidizes the work of several local organizations.

World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2013. The Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 1993.

2016 Annual Report

The Hivos Annual Report shows how we gave shape to our ideals in Latin America, Africa and Asia in 2016.


Goodbye maize mono diet!

Zambia must diversify its food production and consumption patterns to overcome nagging challenges of hunger and malnutrition and ensure good health for all its citizens.

Facts & Figures

Latin America

Total liability € 22 million

Number of countries 8

Number of partner organisations 66


Latin America

Mientras que los inversionistas gastan miles de millones en adquisiciones y fusiones de empresas de café, la producción cafetalera en el terreno está siendo amenazada por todos lados. Esto está teniendo un impacto negativo en la creación de valor futuro en todo el sector. Sin hacer mayores...

While investors spend billions in coffee company acquisitions and mergers, coffee production on the ground is under threat from all sides. This is negatively impacting future value creation throughout the sector. Without major efforts to adapt production to climate change, increase transparency...

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En un lapso de 3 días el presidente de Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, aprobó una Ley vía decreto que disminuye la pensión de las personas jubiladas e...

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Merriam-Webster dictionary defines phobia as “an exaggerated usually inexplicable and illogical fear of a particular object, class of objects, or situation”.

Since childhood, we have accumulated...


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El diccionario de la real academia define la palabra fobia como una aversión exagerada a alguien o a algo; también como un temor angustioso e incontrolable ante...

By Natalie Lartey (in photo above) and Bill Vorley, IIED

Food policies that are based on evidence and advocacy delivered by citizens are more likely to benefit the people most affected by these policies....