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  • Creative hub leader’s toolkit

    Creative hubs play a vital role in supporting the self-sufficiency and independence of makers of cultural and media productions. As ‘convenors of creatives,’ hubs serve local communities and connect creative practitioners. This toolkit is part of Creative Hubs Academy, a global partnership project of Nesta, Hivos and British Council, that supports creative hub leaders to sustain and grow their hubs.

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  • A manual for strengthening women’s leadership in the horticultural sector

    This manual will help you carry out a strategy to develop transformative feminist leadership in the East African Horticultural sector.

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  • Innovating for Social Change: Hivos Strategic Plan 2016 – 2020

    This concise strategic plan guides the strategic decision-making processes,
    it guides Hivos in how and where best to spend our energy and our resources. A complementary business plan provides information on how operations are structured and organized.

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  • A lobby and advocacy approach to energy access

    This document is a description of Hivos’ lobby and advocacy approach to promoting green and inclusive energy. It gives an inside look into the often unpredictable and challenging – but also exciting – profession of advocates. The document describes how we think change happens and can be used as a guide by others.

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  • Advocacy toolkit for Open Up Contracting

    This toolkit provides essential guidance and ideas for advocacy officers and civil society organizations at all levels. It helps them mobilize people and support efforts to advocate for more efficient, transparent and accountable public contracting processes.

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  • Citizen generated evidence for a more sustainable and healthy food system

    When communities generate evidence themselves, they aremore effective in lobbying and advocating for their priorities. So theydepend less on others to set their agenda.

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