Fundraising Strategy to consolidate and expand Hivos’ work in the Amazon

Region: Latin America, with focus in the Amazon
Office: Hivos Hub Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, Perú, Bolivia or Guatemala
Hours: 8 weeks / Consultancy
Application deadline: May 10, 2021

About Hivos

Hivos is an international organization that works for a world where people can realize their full potential, unleashing their ingenuity and creativity to build fair, just and life-sustaining societies for themselves and generations to come. Our mission is to amplify and connect voices that promote social and environmental justice and challenge power imbalances. We particularly empower marginalized rightsholders to raise their voice and demand freedom of choice.

Hivos supports the development of alternative solutions to deep-seated problems so that individuals and communities can make responsible and equitable choices within political and economic systems that serve their needs and preserve the planet. We connect people and organizations offering alternatives to those looking for solutions in their fight for social and environmental justice.

Our work in the Amazon

The forest and the inhabitants of the Amazon are priority targets for conservation, climate action, development, and human rights actions. Local communities, especially Indigenous peoples, and forests are under pressure like never before in the world’s largest remaining rainforest.

The Amazon forest and the people living in it are threatened by economic and political forces acting at local, regional, and international levels. Mining, cattle, logging, soybeans, oil industry, and large-scale infrastructure investments are drivers behind deforestation, resource degradation, and threats to rights and livelihoods of Indigenous peoples and local communities. Furthermore, COVID-19 represents an ever-bigger threat. Apart from deforestation and pollution, the lack of access to public services and the limited response to the spread of the virus exacerbate the vulnerability of Indigenous peoples and local communities in the Amazon to the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures adopted to mitigate it.

In this context, Hivos, in coordination with a set of local and international partners, is leading the implementation of two programs aimed at protecting the Amazon rainforest and defending Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ rights: All Eyes on the Amazon (AEA) and the Amazon Indigenous Health Route (AIR). We implement a variety of strategies and actions in Ecuador, Peru and Brazil through coalitions that demand innovation and social collaboration among diverse stakeholders.

The All Eyes on the Amazon (AEA) program aims to stop the destruction of the Amazon rainforest by defending Indigenous peoples’ and local communities’ rights. Indigenous peoples and local communities supported by AEA in Ecuador, Brazil and Peru collect evidence, using both modern technology and traditional knowledge, that can be used for legal action, advocacy, or communicational campaigns. Simultaneously, AEA also works in the promotion of rights-based structural policy changes in the three countries. Since 2018, Hivos and Greenpeace are the leading organizations of this Program, bringing together a unique coalition of 25 international and local organizations from the fields of technology, human rights, conservation, transparency, advocacy, and law enforcement.

On the other hand, the Amazon Indigenous Health Route (AIR) project is an innovative model of care based on intercultural knowledge dialogues and facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes, bringing together health public servants, indigenous organizations, academia, and civil society organizations around joint activities designed to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic in the Amazon. Ultimately, we aim to promote structural changes in healthcare systems and networks and improve Indigenous peoples’ access to health in the Amazon region of Ecuador, Peru (Madre de Dios) and Brazil ensuring that health systems implement relevant and culturally adapted strategies that are effective and sustainable.

Learn more about AEA and AIR here:

In addition to these two Amazon-based programs, Hivos is also implementing its new program Amplifying Voices for Just Climate Action, in Brazil and other regions of the world. This initiative is implemented by a consortium and will continue to unite civil society with particularly underrepresented groups – such as Indigenous peoples, women, youth, and the urban poor – in a strong movement for climate justice, including those from the Brazilian Amazon.

Context of this consultancy

Since 2015, traditional funding has decreased dramatically. International cooperation agencies have changed their priorities, especially for Latin America, where most of the country are considered middle-income countries. In addition, the limited funding flowing to the region presents specific conditions that may represent a barrier to international non-governmental organizations like Hivos. These changes have become an important challenge to raise funding for the region, and offer an opportunity to develop new relations and explore new financing mechanisms and diverse sources.

At the same time, actions to guarantee the protection of the Amazon forest and the individual and collective rights or indigenous peoples and local communities that inhabit it are urgent. We strongly believe we, as Hivos, can contribute to these goals in the coming decade, by continuing and expanding our work in the following impact areas: climate justice, civic rights in a digital age, and gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

One of the key elements for successfully achieving our mission in the Amazon and Latin America is to raise adequate funding. With our Amazon-based programs coming to an end in 2022, Hivos is launching this consultancy call for Developing a Fundraising Strategy, that includes specific operational actions, to consolidate and expand our work in the Amazon region.

Aim of the consultancy

The aim of this assignment is to develop a Fundraising Strategy to consolidate and expand Hivos’ work in the Amazon, interconnecting climate justice, development, conservation, and human rights agendas with potential donors and funds available. The output of the assignment is intended to provide Hivos with a clear actionable Fundraising Strategy specific for the Amazon at the current donor scenario which is aligned with its core values and strategic vision.

Hivos is seeking a consultant to undertake this work, using as a foundation the results of an initial donor mapping for Climate Justice that its Global Office recently undertook. The consultant will be expected to deepen and broaden this report based on the reality of the donor environment in Latin America and develop a Fundraising Strategy that will contribute to secure and expand Hivos’ operations in the Amazon.


  • Analyze the current fundraising strategy and approach used by Hivos for the Amazon Region;
  • Analyze the Climate Justice Donor and Competitor Scan, Strategic Compass, Project Management Systems and other key institutional documentation that will serve the purposes of the consultancy;
  • Map and review the internal portfolio prepared for the Amazon Region in the last 5 years;
  • Define the Fundraising Strategy’s objectives, goals, strategic areas or pillars, as well as the means of implementation;
  • Identify and analyze potential donors with clear next steps for Hivos work in the Amazon aligned with the current work and the new Strategic Compass’ programmatic areas: Climate Justice, Civic Rights in a Digital Age, and Gender Equality, Diversity and Inclusion;
  • Interview key Hivos staff from Global Office, Regional Hub, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru, to identify complementary information for the analysis above as well as the mapping of organizations (donors, competitors and potential partners);
  • Interview 3-5 key target donors (based on the above analysis and network) according to semi-structured surveys to assess their strategic interest in more depth;
  • Identify and analyze the key competitors and potential partners for Hivos in the Amazon;
  • Based on the financial and operational institutional structure, analyze when Hivos can be the leading organization and when a partner in fundraising proposals;
  • Maintain constant meetings with the Hivos Regional Director, staff from the Business Development Unit, Country representatives, Program Managers and other key internal staff for validation of proposals.


 The timeframe for this assignment is of 8 weeks from the signature of the contract.

Deliverables and Budget

Payment for services will be made in two installments, based on the following:

Installments  Delivery Date  Product Percentage
1 15 days after contract signature Workplan with the set of interviews list (organizations and contacts) 30%
2 8 weeks after contract signature Actionable Fundraising Strategy for Hivos specific for the Amazon 70%


The main outcome from this assignment will be a clear actionable Fundraising Strategy for Hivos specific for the Amazon at the current donor scenario and aligned with Hivos core values and strategic vision.

The strategy should include, at least the following information:

  • Analysis per potential donor identified for Hivos in the Amazon, per strategic area, including information of the financial mechanisms, maximum amounts per financial mechanism, frequency and dates for future calls, donor funding policies and thematic and crosscutting priorities. Also, important that each donor is analyzed under the scope of Hivos’ financial and operational policies and frameworks.
  • A critical analysis of the opportunities and limitations in the macro donor environment and its impact on Hivos ability to raise funds.
  • A comprehensive list of contacts, addresses, focal points, websites, etc. for each identified donor.
  • A list of recommended donors (include a prioritization) for Hivos based on the above information (e.g. proposed timing of calls; starting of next phase funding cycle etc.) with suggested concrete next steps for Hivos to pursue to implement the strategy.
  • Recommendations for approaching identified donors (including those interviewed), including a prioritization, specific strategies, actions and sequences suggested per donor, considering possible events, dates, funding cycles, or international agenda.
  • An analysis of competitors, allies and other actors categorized by Hivos’ current programs and work in the Amazon region and relevant dimensions including the identification of potential consortium partners.

The Strategy should have at least the following sections:

  • Goals
  • Strategic/key areas/components/axis
  • Approaches or means for implementing the strategy
  • Internal key actors
  • Donors analysis
  • Competitors analysis
  • Potential partners analysis
  • How do we measure success?

Consultant profile 

  • Experience and track record in market research/analysis and developing strategic market plans and fundraising strategies or plans for non-profit organizations.
  • Understanding of the Latin American/Amazon context and funding trends
  • Consultants with existing network and contacts with relevant donors will be preferred.
  • Understanding of the development sector.
  • English and Spanish proficiency; Portuguese will be an asset.
  • Immediate availability.

Would you like to apply?

You can apply before May 10, 2021. Submit the following documents to Hivos via e-mail to

  • A brief technical proposal (in English) on the understanding of the assignment, how the consultant will implement it (phases and tasks), timeframe and a financial proposal for the implementation of the assignment.
  • Resume (max 3 pages) (in English).


You can download the terms of reference here