• Day 1: Cooking up our inspiration Hivos kicked it off on February 1st with a Sustainable, healthy and inclusive Gastronomy workshop co-organized with the Ministry of Agriculture of Costa Rica, IFOAM and Smaackmakers at the Bougainvillea hotel in Heredia. This brought up the talk on food culture innovation, creative campaigns and co-creation to the table. […]

  • Protecting Mexican families looking for their missing loved ones

    “Our principle is and remains to bring missing people back home. Not because we want to do this work, but because we need to. If I find Milynali, I would be in peace and I would turn over my work and efforts to other people. Because this work is too hard. I can’t do this my entire life. So my biggest dream right now is to find my sweet daughter.”

  • Creating spaces of dignity

    “Our society wins if a boy or girl who feels attracted to the same sex, or wants to transform their gender, can do this without being humiliated, hurt or afraid and without thinking of death.”

  • How Nómada watches over democracy in Guatemala

    “The popularity of Nómada is rising. But that also creates enemies. Corrupt politicians and shady businessmen campaign to discredit us. Last year that came to a boiling point…”

  • Our HIV/AIDS work in Costa Rica

    “I feel so lucky and happy for having the strength and courage to say: I am a transgender woman. I am worth a lot. I deserve respect.

  • Changing the food system

    Allow us to take you to Indonesia, Bolivia, Zambia, Kenya and Uganda. In these countries, we’re getting street vendors, municipalities, cooks, farmers, activists and politicians to not only fight malnutrition in innovative ways, but also to slowly change the way the food system works. 

  • Why saving the Amazon is about defending indigenous rights

    “A consequence of the illegal activities is that we don’t have peace, we don’t have peace in our own homes.”

  • Hivos believes that when people are given a chance to live in freedom and dignity, they are able to live a life that contributes to the greater good of humanity.