“The one I am”, the woman’s body as subject

December 19, 2013

“The one I am” is the name of the 2014 calendar produced by Hivos’ regional office in South America. It is a collection of 12 images of Bolivian women. Women, who, through the lens of photographer Wara Vargas, have transformed their corporeality to reclaim the female body as the subject of their own desires and pleasures.

The woman artist, the Andean woman, the transgender woman, the Afro-Bolivian woman, the mother, the woman who refuses to obey rules imposed by others on the female body … a diversity of identities are reflected in this calendar. They run counter to the daily practices that trivialize, objectify and condemn women to represent beauty standards set by male desires and consumption.

Each image captured in this calendar was part of a process that required the 12 women portrayed to make a personal and collective exploration of the autonomy of their own bodies, their pleasures and desires. Their discoveries are reinforced in the texts that accompany each image, written by each of them.

Our regional office finds artistic expression is a fundamental tool to spur reflection on these themes. In 2013 we produced a calendar that celebrated the emancipation of sexual diversity and gender. Photographers and writers from across the world, both male and female, joined their talents in defense of the LGBT movement. This efforts resulted in the “2013 Calendar of Sexual and Gender Diversity” (Calendario 2013 de las Diversidades Sexuales y de Género)

The 2014 calendar is part of a Hivos initiative that invests in civil society initiatives for democratic change, LGBT rights, women’s rights and HIV/AIDS.

Hivos works with frontrunners of change and social justice to further women’s rights and lobby for new laws protecting women against discrimination and sexual and domestic violence.