Telartes marks a milestone for the Bolivian cultural sector

October 15, 2013

A historical first national meeting of key actors from the artistic and cultural sectors took place in Santa Cruz, Bolivia from 3 to 5 October 2013. The  ‘Encuentro Nacional de Culturas en Red’ was organized by TelArtes, the first Bolivian arts and culture network, and brought together nearly 200 artists, cultural activists and representatives of artistic organizations and cultural spaces from 8 departments of Bolivia.

The meeting, supported and funded by Hivos, served to consolidate the national articulation of the Bolivian cultural sector.  It also strengthened the links of TelArtes with the Latin American networks that are shaping ‘Juntxs’ (Together), a continental cultural network.

The meeting was also attended by local and national authorities, who entered into a dialogue with the members of the artistic and cultural scene to address the challenges facing the latter in Bolivia and jointly find solutions.

Hivos will continue to support the projects of TelArtes and Juntxs.  We aim to open a channel for the voices of Southern artists, better the conditions for cultural production and increase the (inter)national marketing options of Southern artists.