Latin American communications and technology activists gather in Bolivia

August 25, 2014

A week to research, share and create strategies and collaborative action through communication and technology. That’s the aim of the “Semana de la ComunicAcción y las Tecno-Lógicas”, which will run from the 25th to the 31st of August in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba.
Activists and groups working throughout Latin America to create new paradigms for communication and the use of technology will meet at Proyecto mARTadero.
The “Semana de la ComunicAcción y las Tecno-Lógicas” will feature three major activities:
The Techno-Logical Paths, August 25 to 27 
The participants will discuss how to promote social uses of technology, art and free culture. The issue of sovereignty in technology will underpin this activity.
Festival of Communications – Telartes. August 27 to 29 
Workshops will be open to share knowledge to create an open and collaborative type of communication, effective for mobilization and advocacy. Workshops to share individual and collectuve experiences will also be developed.
Latin American Festival of Midia Activism – Faction / Facçao, Aug 29 to 31
The first edition of this event was held in 2013, in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Here, activists, journalists, communicators, social movements, bloggers, artists and developers of free technologies will exchange, discuss and build proposals for the democratization of communication and information.
Hivos supports and finances this event because we believe that communication and technology have the power to expand the space for free expression and freedom of speech, to strengthen citizen engagement and to hold government and corporations accountable to the public interest.