Hivos supports the ‘Powerful Girls’ movement in Latin America

December 13, 2013

‘Chicas Poderosas’ trains women to use technology in newsrooms throughout Latin America.  The movement was initiated by Mariana Santos, a visual storyteller who worked as a member of the interactive team at The Guardian in London. Currently she is based in Costa Rica, working with the investigative team at La Nación, a local newspaper.

Mariana launched “Chicas Poderosas” as part of her Knight International Journalism Fellowship. The aim is to empower women by deepening their understanding of how technology can improve their work. This is done through workshops in which teams are created with artists, developers and journalists to improve visual and interactive storytelling in the media.

In the near future, the movement will create a chapter in each Latin American country with representatives who will work as ambassadors spreading knowledge and organizing the workshops in their regions.

With support from Hivos, the third edition of the Chicas Poderosas workshop in Costa Rica started on December 11th and will run until the 13th. For three days, journalists, designers and developers gathered together to work with data on water management and come up with creative data visualizations of the responsible use of water.

“We want to give a special thanks to ‘La Nación’ for being so open and willing to encourage journalism for everyone. We thank HIVOS as well for empowering more women in technology and contributing to the spread of knowledge,” wrote Chicas Poderosas in their website.

Hivos is committed to safeguarding freedom of expression as an essential element of an open, democratic and pluralistic society. Today, freedom of expression necessarily involves information and communications technology (ICT). Hivos has been working not only on the access to but also on the strategic use of ICT to show people how they can improve their work and lives.