Hivos partner speaks at the Clinton Global Initiative Latin America Meeting

January 14, 2014

In December 2013, Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Latin America held a meeting in Brazil to address some of today’s most pressing challenges within the Latin America region and globally. Various leaders from around the globe emphasized efforts to carry the region’s social and economic progress into the future with sessions focusing on Developing Human Capacity, Design for Green Growth and Harnessing Technology and Innovation. 

Lizeth Zúñiga, Executive Director of Hivos partner Renewable Association in Nicaragua, was invited as a guest speaker at the working session “Energy Solutions: Advancing Growth in Renewables”.

Lizeth shared her experience working on clean energy in Nicaragua based on three stimulating questions:

1. How can Latin America take advantage of current experience in renewable energy to develop new markets and international alliances for regional cooperation in Green Energy?

2. How can Latin American enterprises create jobs through the agenda for green growth development?

3. How can marginalized populations (including women and indigenous communities) participate in and benefit from the development of renewable energy?

Lizeth Zúñiga was for over ten years Director of the Regional Research Institute ITZTANI. She worked as a consultant for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), specifically for the Regional Energy Efficiency Programme for the Commercial and Industrial Sector, and coordinated the regional strategy of Hivos partner Biomass Users Network of Central America (BUN-CA).

Along with Hivos representatives, she participated in the First Regional Meeting for Sustainable Energy for All (LAC-SE4ALL), as a speaker in the UN Practioners Network roundtable in the World Solar Congress.

Renewable Association (Asociación Renovables) in Nicaragua brings together about 80 per cent of clean energy developers in the country. Their aim is to promote the production of the Nicaragua’s energy from renewable sources and advocates on public policy on renewable energy.