Hivos partner officially launched in Guatemala

August 14, 2014

Is an independent, transparent and feminist media possible?

If you ask Martín Rodríguez Pellecer, founder and former director of Plaza Pública, he would say it is not only possible, but that since the 8th of August it is now a reality. is Rodríguez’s new journalistic venture, a digital publication that produces cutting-edge journalism at the standards of the best media in Latin America. Nómada means nomad.

Rodríguez is leading a high profile team that includes over 20 professionals, amongst whom journalists, bloggers, designers and developers. The project also enjoys the support of prestigious partners such as Harris Whitbeck, Guatemalan journalist Carlos Dada – founder and editor-in-chief of, Latin America’s first online newspaper, and Marta Casaús, researcher on racism who participated in the genocide trial against former Guatemalan dictator Ríos Montt.

Nómada’s first report encapsulates its aims to challenge the mainstream news agenda with independent journalism: “Los 14 días de arraigo de Claudia Paz que ningún medio contó” (The untold story of Claudia Paz’s fourteen days under a restriction under)

The online newspaper will use investigative political journalism to engage with and inform the public, providing data visualization so users can also interact with the information they receive. will also publish short essays on everyday life in Guatemala.

“There is no model that combines quality journalism, independence and prosperity. What is already invented is the role of journalism: reporting on what is happening in society independently from the vested interests in power, which is no small thing. We’ll come up with what is still missing – just like the media who inspire us are inventing new forms of reporting in Latin America, Europe and United States,” states Nómada’s website about the brand of journalism they want to create.

If you want to be part of this change, you can become an active reader or a founding member of Nómada, or donate through the platform Indie Voices. You can also follow them on Twitter (@ComunidadNomada) and Facebook.

Nómada is not only an example of new models for journalism in the digital age, but also an alternative voice that contributes to media diversity in Guatemala, where media markets are highly concentrated.