Hivos partner Congreso Transparente will draft Progress Report on OGP in Guatemala

September 24, 2013

Hivos partner Congreso Transparente has been selected as the local researcher to be part of the Independent Report Mechanism (IRM) of the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

They will assess the development and implementation of the Guatemala action plan and progress in fulfilling open government principles, and will put forward technical recommendations. Congreso Transparente plans to use an independent questionnaire to evaluate these areas based on interviews with local OGP stakeholders and data analysis.

Once drafted, the IRM will be reviewed by an international review panel to ensure the quality of the report, and then will be submitted to the government for comments and feedback. However, no government will be able to change the contents of the report. Final reports will be published on the OGP website in English and the local language.

Congreso Transparente participated in the preparation workshop for independent reports held by OGP on September 9th and 10th in Panama City.  “For us as a young organization, this means a great privilege and also a great responsibility. We believe that transparency starts from each one of us. Our job as citizens is to ensure accountability and also give support to government when it’s needed,” said a representative of the organization.

Guatemala in the OGP

In 2011, Guatemala requested to become part of the Open Government Partnership initiative in order to be included among the countries that have promoting transparency and access to government information among their goals.

More information about Guatemala’s commitments is available on: