Hivos partner Cinergia celebrates 10th anniversary

June 19, 2013

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Hivos partner Cinergia (the Audiovisual Promotion Fund for Central America and Cuba). From June 18 to 21, various events have been organized throughout San José, Costa Rica to celebrate the occasion. The landmark theater ‘Cine Magaly’ is the hub of the cinematic tributes to Cinergia.

This special occasion opened with the premiere of the Cuban film ‘Juan de los Muertos’, by Alejandro Brugués. The film was supported by the Cinergia and last year was honored as the Best Latin American Film at the Goya Awards in Spain. During the week, the film segment will premier four films: ‘Melaza’ by Carlos Lechuga (Cuba), the documentary ‘Reinas’ (Pageant queens) by Ana Endara (Panamá) and the pre-release of ‘Puerto Padre’ by Gustavo Fallas (Costa Rica).

The four-day event includes sessions with directors, producers, panel discussions and pitching forums. The ‘Cinergia Encounter’ (Encuentro Cinergia), is the first time an event brings together outstanding filmmakers in Central America with film industry professionals worldwide, such as Rémi Bonhomme (France), Janneke Langelaan (Netherlands) and Raúl Zambrano (Netherlands), amongst others.

Throughout June, the Spanish Cultural Center has organized the Cinergia Film Showcase (Muestra Cinergia), which screens the most outstanding films supported by the fund every Thursday at 7:00 pm.

Cinergia is the only cinema fund for both Central America and Cuba. It supports the production of short films, motion pictures, documentaries and animated films in a region where there is little or no sustained support for these art forms. For over 10 years, Cinergia has supported upwards of 150 audiovisual productions, and its work has been recognized with over 100 international awards.

Hivos supports CINERGIA since 2003 and continues to do so because the fund contributes to the professionalisation of audiovisual production, builds outreach and marketing channels, creates opportunities for dialogue and encourages filmmakers to screen their films at international film festivals and markets.  All together, CINERGIA helps Hivos achieve its objective of developing the arts and culture sector through innovation, quality improvement and accessibility.