Hivos and SNV “Biogas: Energy to thrive” campaign in Nicaragua

February 10, 2014

The National Biogas Market Development Program has kicked off national campaign in Nicaragua. Supported by funds from the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) and the Nordic Development Fund, the campaign aims to draw farmers’ attention to the benefits of biogas.

“Biogas: Energy to thrive” is the slogan of the campaign, which has one TV and four radio spots being broadcast in local media in the departments of Boaco, Matagalpa, Chontales, Río San Juan and León. The ads feature local farmers explaining biogas products and services and how these enable them to convert agricultural waste into a combustible methane gas to meet their energy needs.

The Nicaragua biogas program aims to increase the access to and use of renewable energy in rural areas, especially for small and medium-size farmers and rural households. The ultimate aim is to develop a sustainable biogas market throughout the country.

In partnership with the SNV, Hivos has successfully implemented biogas programs in Africa and Asia, with Nicaragua being the first example of a biogas market development program in Latin America.

You can listen the radio spots on the right sidebar.


Watch the TV spot of the campaign: