Goya Award for CINERGIA-supported Cuban film, ‘Juan de los Muertos’

February 19, 2013

The Cuban film ‘Juan de los Muertos’, by Alejandro Brugés and supported by CINERGIA – the Hivos-sponsored Central American and Cuba Film Fund – has won the Award for Best Iberoamerican Production 2013 at the 23rd Annual Goya Awards in Madrid.

The gala ceremony of the Goya Awards, organized by the Spanish Film Academy, was held on February 17th in the Príncipe Felipe Conference Centre in Madrid. Other films competing for the Goya in the same category were: ‘Siete Cajas’ (Seven Boxes) by Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schémbori from Paraguay; ‘Después de Lucía’ (After Lucía) by Michel Franco from México; and ‘Infancia Clandestina’ by Benjamin Ávila from Argentina.

Cuba’s first feature length horror film tells the story of Juan, a typical forty-year slacker who suddenly sees the opportunity to get rich quick. When a plague of zombies invades Havana, Juan opens a zombie extermination business that rapidly gains customers as the situation gets worse. But when the government declares that the zombies are part of a US-sponsored plot to defeat the Revolution, Juan is left with no choice than to defend his country and become an unwilling hero.

The film was co-produced by 5th Avenue Productions led by Inti Herrera, Claudia Calviño y Alejandro Burgués. It was supported by Hivos’ partner CINERGIA in 2007. For the last ten years, the Audiovisual Promotion Fund of Central America and Cuba has provided financial support to more than 140 films throughout Central America.

In addition to the Goya, ‘Juan of the Dead’ won another eight awards over 2011 and 2012. In September 2011, the film won the Second Audience Award in the Film Festival Fantastic in Austin, Texas (USA) and the Fanomenon Audience Award in the International Film Festival of Leeds (UK).