Digna Rabia: Hivos publication on the social struggles in Latin America

September 18, 2014

“We are inspired by dignified rage at the things we don’t agree with …. the conviction to change reality.” – Andrea Ixchíu, indigenous Guatemalan leader.

Hivos has launched Digna Rabia (Dignified Rage), a book that looks at the social struggles being undertaken by younger generations throughout Latin America, including stories about what defines young writers as activists.

In 2011, the Hivos Regional Office in Central America began developing a knowledge track that followed the thematic and methodological approaches of the global “Digital Natives with a Cause” program, but from a Central American perspective. “Digital Natives with a Cause?” is a research project that reveals how young people in emerging ICT contexts make strategic use of technologies to bring about change in their immediate environments. 

As part of Hivos’ knowledge activities, the LibreBus (Freedom Bus) toured Central America with  a collective project that traveled to five different countries with the aim of creating regional networks and strengthening a shared culture in Central America. As a follow-up to both the LibreBus and the regional conference in Guatemala  “Conectémonos Centroamerica” (Getting Connected Central America), two workshop camps were organized in Guatemala and Nicaragua for young activists who use digital tools as part as their work.

The Hivos Regional Office in South America also joined this methodological approach and held various youth encounters under the name “Conectándonos” (Getting Connected) in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, as a way to promote safe spaces were young activists from Latin America could meet and share experiences.

“In these encounters, I saw some really good examples of how the online and offline spaces should work.  The clearer this is, the greater impact our movements and campaigns will have,” writes Carolina Flores, facilitator of all the activities, in the introduction of the book.

Digna Rabia collects some remarkable cases of social struggle in Latin America in places as diverse as Bolivia and the heights of the Ecuadorian Amazon. The issues range from abuse of natural resources, assassinations and coups d’état to the right to access education and health services – all experiences that form part of the daily lives of citizens in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

“Hivos believes that the youth voice must be heard to promote opportunities for participation and advocacy for social change,” stated Ana Sofía Ruíz, Hivos’  Knowledge Program Officer, in the foreword of the book.

All the cases are available to browse through on the Digna Rabia website and an official launch will be announced in the next few months where the co-authors of the book will share their experiences and insights into the social struggles of this younger generation.