Call for participation in Actors for Change fund in Central America

March 19, 2013

The Actors Exchange Program “Strengthening freedom of expression in Central America”??, funded by SIDA and implemented by Hivos, is launching a call for innovative projects that contribute to expanding areas of freedom of expression and improving the security of human rights defenders.

All civil society organizations that fall within the program’s objectives may apply. The ideal profile of eligible organizations: 1) have legal status, 2) have demonstrated expertise in the subject they propose 3) are organizations of human rights defenders; 4) are organizations or associations of journalists and alternative media; 5) are cultural businesses or arts management; 6) are consortia of organizations (national or regional) with an organization responsible for the consortium that meets 1) and 2).
Projects must have a minimum duration of 6 months and a maximum of 1-2 years and a financial demand (annual) in the range of at least U.S. $ 10,000, with U.S. $ 50,000 maximum.

Special attention will be paid in the selection criteria, especially in the case of the proposals above U.S. $ 25,000, to: (a) innovation, creative proposals, (b) development and use of new technologies, (c) consortiums or multistakeholder proposals, (d) development of at least two of the topics of the call, (e) whether the activities take place in more than two countries in the region.

More information and the application form are available in the Actors for Change blog.

Para información en español sobre la convocatoria, dirigirse al blog de Actores de Cambio.