Apps for social solutions

October 17, 2014

Creating technological solutions for social problems is what Desarrollando América Latina (Developing Latin America) has been doing since 2011. This annual app challenge event has demonstrated that technology can encourage citizens to be active participants in their societies by putting the data in their hands.

Desarrollando América Latina is an initiative of Latin American code developers. The goal of this contest is to build civic applications addressing social problems in areas such education, human rights and access to public budgets. Hivos supports this event because it aims to engage citizens and improve transparency with the use of open data apps.

Interaction between the user and the application is what differentiates civic applications from any IT service. Civic applications can be accessed online from a server through an internet browser or mobile devices, such as phones or tablets , or run offline from a user’s local hard drive.

This year, the Desarrollando América Latina app challenge will take place simultaneously in 15 Latin American countries. Web developers, journalists and human rights activists will participate in this event staring the 18th of October and lasting until the 8th of November. After award ceremonies are held for local teams in each country, a jury will select the best three apps of all Latin America. With the support of Hivos, the winning teams will be part of an incubation period to further develop their application and will receive mentorship.