Action Plan of Costa Rica presented to civil society

May 30, 2013

In a meeting held on the 28th of May, the government of Costa Rica presented its Open Government Action Plan 2013-2014 for the first time to civil society organizations since having joined the Open Government Partnership (OGP).

The OGP is a multilateral initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. To achieve these objectives, OGP brings together governments and civil society organizations as true partners. OGP is overseen by a Steering Committee composed of governments and civil society organizations in equal numbers, a unique model that embodies the goal of civic participation

The Action Plan of Costa Rica has four key concepts:

  1. Transparency and Citizen Engagement: government commitment to fight corruption and empower citizens by engaging them in the country’s decisions.
  2. Efficency: with the implementation of ICT e-government solutions to reduce response time.
  3. Competitiveness: with the implementation of services like Mer-Link.
  4. Education: the government Office seeks to use knowledge transfer, online and on location training, partnerships with academic institutions, among other activities.

After a year of joining the OGP, the Government of Costa Rica points to the initial progress it has made towards more open public governance. Establishing an open data national platform, organizing the first hackathon in the country and drawing up the Action Plan are some of the concrete results achieved so far.

The meeting was organized by the Government of Costa Rica, in collaboration with the Hivos regional Office, which called for the participation of civil society members.  Hivos is the global coordinator for independent civil society engagement with the OGP in all member countries.