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Hivos and our partners in Guatemala have been graded A1 by the Global Fund

During the performance review of the grants allocated by the grant Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in Guatemala, Hivos got graded with an A1 grade! This mark was given to our team based on progress report on the implementation of the grant between January–September 2016. This feedback received from the Global Fund, reflects the excellent programmatic performance and financial execution of our projects in Guatemala. This A1 grade represents the highest score of the Global Fund for the evaluation of Principal Recipients, and means that the implementation of a grant that “exceeds expectations”

This project started in 2011 and is one of the four Hivos HIV initiatives supported by the Global Fund in Latin America and the Caribbean. Hivos’ work in Guatemala seeks to significantly reduce the rate of transmission, morbidity and mortality due to HIV, by focusing on local Key Populations (KPs), such as: men who have sex with men (MSM), female sex workers, people living with HIV (PLWHIV), transgender, but also, prison inmates and youth at risk.

During 2016 alone, 35.294 people belonging to KPs have benefited from HIV prevention activities:  including 19.087, MSM, transgender men, and transgender women, were tested for HIV. Above that, a total of 842.859 condoms were distributed via different service areas and activities: distribution of Information/Education/Communication (IEC) materials, and Voluntary Testing and Counselling (VTC) against VIH and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs).

Concerning the strategic objectives of our program in Guatemala, all the goals that had been set were reached. However, there is much room for improvement for expanding access to VTC for all key populations and securing effective treatment for HIV. Financially speaking, Hivos Guatemala achieved a cumulative execution rate corresponding to 88%. As for the expenses reported, a review of these expenses was carried out by both the main receiver and by some of the sub-recipient organizations, verifying that all necessary supporting documentation was available.

This grade is the result of the hard work done by of all of our partners, the sub-recipient organizations and the team Hivos Guatemala. We believe it represents the commitment to contribute in tackling the issues concerning HIV, including stigma and discrimination against KPs in the country of Guatemala.

Hivos has been tackling the HIV/AIDS epidemic head on since the 1990s, but with a Human Rights approach. Our principal aim in this field is to give individuals and communities of Key Populations better access to comprehensive health care (sexual health education, testing, information and support) and to strengthen the organizations that represent them and advocate for their rights, in order to create open and inclusive societies free from stigma and discrimination.