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  • Ingeniosas: consorcio centroamericano busca promover emprendimientos de energías limpias liderados y desarrollados por mujeres

Celebrar la energía

Absent from the many headlines we regularly see in the media, is news about the millions of rural poor citizens spread across Africa, Asia and Latin America who still lack access to even the most basic energy services. This is unacceptable.

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Cities will dominate the landscape of the future. UN projections indicate that 75 percent of the world’s population will be living in cities by 2050. Africa, in particular, will change from a continent of states to a continent of cities.

5 de junio de 2017. Este año el mundo conmemora el día del medio ambiente en medio de una encendida discusión sobre el cambio climático.

En diciembre del 2015 tuve la oportunidad de presenciar uno de los momentos más sublimes de mi vida: 195 países negociaron para finalmente llegar a un acuerdo climático durante la COP21. De pie, al final de la sala donde se llevaban a cabo las negociaciones, fui testigo del inicio del cierre de las reuniones técnicas y sentí que el acuerdo era posible, que el camino hacia otro mundo - un mundo sin combustibles fósiles- se estaba trazando.

Rachel Kyte, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, steps on the podium and smiles into a huge hall filled with hundreds of people suited up for the occasion. She takes up the microphone, and and with that simple gesture opens the three-day sustainable energy conference whose title is projected on a gigantic screen above her: ‘Going further, faster together'. In other words, providing energy access for all.

Why civil society’s contribution is crucial in ensuring energy access for all

If Women Stop, Power Stops

When we talk about energy we tend to think about cables, megawatts and engineering. But energy is something simpler and more vital than that. According to the Spanish Language Usage Dictionary compiled by Maria Moliner, energy means "greater or lesser ability of someone or something to perform a task, an effort, or produce an effect."